December 21, 2016


Furnace Room Brewery

 Christmas 2016 Newsletter


Dear friends of the Furnace Room Brewery

We are pleased to provide you with the first of a planned series of periodic updates on how things are going.

It was very encouraging to feel the super enthusiastic reception we got from the hundreds of folks who visited us at the beer festival, and sorry to disappoint people who wanted to buy our beer on the spot.

We also very much appreciate the support of Mayor Rick Bonnette.
Unfortunately, it takes a while to build a brewery from scratch, but we anticipate serving you our award winning beer in the early Summer of 2017.

We have started to clean up and renovate the front part of the building we bought at 1 Elgin St. in Georgetown.

We plan to use this as office space. The portion of the building at the rear is too old to salvage, so we will be tearing that down and building a “state of the art” brewery and “tap room” on that footprint.

The brewing and bottling equipment has been ordered. It takes about six months to manufacture, so we will be working hard to have the new building ready for this delivery in the Spring.

We are in the process of developing a relationship with local pubs and other beer outlets, and we are pleased to report a very positive reaction to the samples of different types of beer we are producing in the “micro-brewery” - that’s the one in Jeff’s basement where he and Mike have been honing their brewing skills for over ten years. Here we are with Jasper Martin at the Copper Kettle in the Glen.
In the months ahead, you can check this web site for new articles and photos of the progress.  As we get closer to opening we will update it with greater details about our building our beers, and how we plan to get them to you.  Also, please check out the Furnace Room Brewery Facebook page and our Twitter account for updates, and encourage anyone you think might be interested in The Furnace Room Brewery to sign up to receive this Newsletter.

We take this opportunity to wish everyone a joyful, restful, and safe Christmas Season. Please drink responsibly, and we look forward to communicating with you again in the New Year.

Steve, Mike D., Mike G., Trent, and Jeff
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